Decorating Your House Using Crossbows on the Wall

peppermint crossbowIf you really are into the medieval age and go to renaissance fairs every chance you get then you must have thought about taking it to the next level like decorating your wall with various different types of weapons and memorabilia and taking the fair with you at home. Well, you are not really the only one out there who is crazy about the medieval age. So here are some good items that you can consider putting on your wall for decoration.

Medieval Gun Crossbow - this unique weapon of the medieval age, is a crossbow of the olden days are reproduced by craftsmen in Italy. You will be fascinated by this decorative replica that includes moving parts to add realism and authenticity. The medieval gun crossbow size and shape may appear like a gun to some and it usually ranges from $40 to $50.

Medieval Crossbow – there are also medieval crossbows replicas that are made in Italy and more often than not, intended for decorative use only in homes and shops. However, these bows also come with moving parts to add realism and authenticity. It also comes with an accurate replica of arrows during medieval times. It measures 25 inches long and 16 inches wide. Price range of these bows are at around $85. If you’re looking for something more modern, check out the best crossbows in the market. While the Barnett Ghost doesn’t give you that medieval feel, it makes an interior design look lethal, plus it’s a good place to store it when not in use.

Giant Castle Defense Crossbow – back in medieval Europe during the middle ages, this bow saved many castles from sieges from different armies. These lethal weapons were brought to old England by the Normans back in 1066 and quickly made its way up the ranks as one of the important weapons in all of history. This replica will cost you about $380 and will add as a fine display in your home.

Tower Guards Crossbow – this type of crossbow is a trusted part of the line of defense in a lot of castles during the middle age. You can see these tower guards crossbows atop towers being handled by skilled archers. Most tower guard crossbow replicas are made in Italy and are intended for decorative use only. The bows range have a price of about $170.

Large Rams Head Crossbow – it is known during the medieval times that the Ram is a symbol of power and fortitude. A wild beast that clashes with its opponents in a relentless battle to prove its strength will be clearly depicted in this unique-looking crossbow. This decorative crossbow that is beautifully made in Italy is also hand carved with a ram’s head. This decorative bow will cost you $430.

Mini Pistol LARP Crossbow – if you know there is a ranged weapon this small back in the olden days pretty much always going to remind you that you are never safe, regardless of how secure you might seem to be. This mini pistol LARP crossbow is much compact and hassle free to hide compared to bulky crossbows which it only means that you will never know a crossbow is there until a bolt is already flying your way. A replica is worth $200.